January 16, 2024

Larry Longley

Presentation: “DERAILED”

DERAILED is a case study of a negotiation with a fellow officer who has lost their way.  None of us are immune from the hazards of our line of work. We are held to a standard that most in society could never hope to attain.

Imagine you respond to a report of a Domestic Violence Assault. Upon arrival you learn the suspect is an off-duty Deputy who is currently on Administrative Leave. The victim reports the obvious, there are weapons and body armor in the residence.

This is a firsthand account of a 13-hour standoff with a fellow officer who has lost their way and gotten into a mandatory arrest situation. We will discuss the initial incident response before HNT’s arrival, steps taken to resolve the incident, the outcome, and subsequent interview with the former Deputy, fellow officers/academy mates.

The goal of the presentation is to expose the audience to the hazards and issues of initially responding to and then negotiating with fellow officers. We will also discuss key takeaways and highlight what we could have done better so the audience can learn from and avoid our mistakes.

Presented by: Sgt. Larry Longley Seattle Police Department

Larry Longley is a Lieutenant with the Seattle Police Department and has served the Seattle community for the past 26 years. Lieutenant Longley has worked varying assignments as a Patrol Officer, Anti-Crime Team Officer (now Community Response Group CRG) in a plain-clothed or uniform capacity, Crisis Intervention Officer, Field Training Officer, and Sergeant in Patrol, the Community Response Group and the Police Outreach and Engagement Team (POET).  He is currently assigned to the Field Training Unit.

Lieutenant Longley has been a Hostage Negotiator since 2010 and is currently the Team Leader for the Seattle Police Hostage Negotiations Team.  The team, which is on call, currently has 20 members and responds to 100-170 calls for service annually and, is now frequently assisting the SPD SWAT team with their planned search warrants and high-risk missions.