August 18, 2022

Jeffery James-Potts

“Case Synopsis”

On March 21 st , 2020, after conducting an arrest and processing a defendant at the Orange County Booking and Receiving Center – Jeffery was taken hostage. Throughout this incident Jeffery was used as a human shield, beaten, and nearly executed during the crisis. Jeffery was able to work with the defendant to reconsider killing him and committing suicide. Jeff negotiated with the defendant to release hostages, and eventually surrender the handgun and release himself. While the incident took place over the course of two hours, it has educated me in a number of lessons and
experience that carries forward to this day.

Presented by: Corporal Jeffery James-Potts

Jeff is currently a road supervisor with six years in law enforcement. He has eight years of service with the United States Army and served in a patrol capacity and within the agency Narcotics Section. At the time of the incident, Jeff was a patrol deputy of approximately four years.