August 18, 2022

Brad Holmes and Dave Shackleton

“Strike 3 – Negotiating with a Potential Third Strike Convicted Felon”

In December of 2016, while investigating a shooting, MVPD officers attempted contact at a residence in the area.  As officers were attempting contact, shots came from the house striking one officer in the head.  Shortly after, the suspect called 911 saying he had hostages, a bomb, and that he had texted the Mayor.  Officers eventually learned that the suspect was a potential 3 rd strike convicted felon looking at the possibility of life in prison. The negotiating team found itself negotiating with someone with little incentive to surrender, dealing with the politics of having the Mayor on scene, outside influences from the media, and working through a transition of Negotiating Teams.

Presented by: Brad Holmes and Dave Shackleton

Brad Holmes

Sergeant Brad Holmes started in law enforcement 22 years ago and has been with the Skagit County Sheriff’s for the past 19 years. He has served in the patrol division most of his career with time spent as the search and rescue coordinator, marine division supervisor, and the past 9 years as a crisis negotiator. Sergeant Holmes is currently assigned to patrol and is the crisis negotiations team leader.

Dave Shackleton

Lt. Shackleton has been with the Mount Vernon Police Department for 25 years.  He’s served in the Patrol Division, Crime Prevention, School Resource Officer, and as a Detective where he was the lead investigator on the Cascade Mall Mass Shooting in 2016.  He now serves as a Patrol Lt.  He’s been with the Crisis Negotiations Team for 12 years and is the current Team Commander.